6 Top Gear Setup Mistakes

6 Top Gear Setup Mistakes

No matter what you ride, there’s no excuse for poor setup and maintenance of your gears. Getting it right will make riding your bike a blissfully smooth experience, but if you get it wrong, it could end up ruining your ride. Here Si shows us his top 6 gear setup mistakes, and easy ways to fix them yourself.

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Are you guilty of neglecting your gears? Or prefer to leave it to your local trusted mechanic? You can improve your gear shifting setup from your own home, as ex professional rider Si explains in the GCN workshop.

Simon Richardson’s top six mistakes for gear setup include:

1. Bad shifting is not okay – don’t live with it!
2. Not leaving those limit screws alone….
3. …or not! (You’ll have to watch)
4. You just don’t listen!
5. Hanging onto old cables
6. Fitting new cables wrong