Amateur with Motor Bike VS. Professional Cyclists without Motor Bike

Amateur with Motor Bike VS. Professional Cyclists without Motor Bike

Short resum by Karman Hardon:

Amateur cyclist Luc Keim (blue/black body2bike outfit) took part in a local amateur cycling event with a bike that was fitted with a 150watt electric motor.His fellow cyclists had no clue and neither did the course director.A Belgian tv crew was in on it and filmed the whole thing.

After that you see him competing against Belgian cycling legend Johan Museeuw,first without and then with the motor.He was about 40seconds faster with the motor!

Johan says that people who don’t do sports will have a hard time pushing 150watts.
They say the motor is the best of it’s kind.A Austrian company has it patented.Bart (the bald guy) is the distributor for the Benelux.(Belgium,Holland and Luxembourg).He says the price of the motor including mounting is around 2700 Euro’s (2950 US Dollars).He says he mainly sells the motors to amateur cyclists but is offered money by professional cyclists that want one.

8:25,video of the Ronde Van Vlaanderen 2010.There were rumors that Fabian Cancellara was using a motor.At the beginning of a steep part he supposedly switched on his motor and left Tom Bonen behind him without seemingly little effort.Many times he swapped bikes which was suspicious they say.Following the rumors UCI put bikes through a scanner in the Tour De France but after that event these checks were hardly been carried out.

At the end of the video Luc tells the course director about his motor.He was not surprised.Luc didn’t compete for the victory so they didn’t make a big deal out of it.

The use of mechanical doping is all over the news now since Belgian top favorite cyclo-cross rider Femke Van den Driessche was cought using a motor at the Women’s U23 World Cup cyclo-cross event in Zolder 4 days ago.