Cyclist nearly run over by Tram

Cyclist nearly run over by Tram

A cyclist in Poland has been filmed narrowly escaping death after he slipped over in front of tram after he dodged an incoming one.

Polish cyclist nearly run over by tram

Risk-taking cyclist almost run over by a tram

Cyclist almost run over by Krakow tram in Poland

A video posted on Facebook by a Polish transport authority has revealed just how close a careless cyclist came to being run over by a tram.

In the brief video posted by the Krakow Municipal Transport Company (MPK), a cyclist wearing a backpack is seen trying to shoot the gap between two trams, one travelling in his direction and the other heading straight towards him.

He manages to slip between the two but his wheels become stuck in the rails on the road and he is thrown off his bike.

He hits the ground hard but gets his body away from the path of the tram just in time, as it screeches to a halt from a speed of 30km/h.

MPK credited the tram driver’s quick reaction with saving the cyclist’s life.

The young man stood up with a smile and walked from the scene, the MPK said.