Donation: Franz Elic Grossman Recovery

Donation: Franz Elic Grossman Recovery

Franz Elic Grossmann competed at a Mountainbike Downhill Race in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Unfortunately he had a very bad crash on sunday – 30 th april.
Franz is in a coma since his crash. We just can hope the best for him.

Last Update from his girlfriend Nina:
Franzi is in stable state after his emergency surgery on May 3rd.
He is still in a coma but the pressure in his brain is normal and the doctors are happy with the outcome.

Franzi is so strong that the doctors have decided to reduce the sedation to wake him up step by step.

I also got a wonderful message that he has reacted to all our voices and even squeezed the hand of his father and brother back.

Even though this is just a small step of a long journey – we are overpowered with happiness.

Again, WE want to THANK YOU all for the overwhelming support from you! This not only helps Franz but also all of us to see this through! THANK YOU!

His family and friends from Austria are on the way to Mexico right now to support him.

We want to support Franz and his family during the recovery. So every donation is important.

Some people wanted to know who created this page before they sent a donation: This donation page was created by Fabio Schäfer / Gravity Mountainbike Magazine / Germany

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