How To Get A Perfectly Clean Chain + Drivetrain

How To Get A Perfectly Clean Chain + Drivetrain

With a clean chain and drivetrain, your shifting will be smoother and your bike will work better. Here’s how to do it.

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A black, gritty, dirty chain looks bad, will wear out more quickly and doesn’t work as well. Depending how often you ride, cleaning the chain on your mountain bike might be a weekly job – or even more regular. It’s worth doing this job thoroughly – using good degreaser, chain brushes, rinsing your bike chain thoroughly and then drying it with a rag.

Once your drivetrain is clean and dry, apply the right chain lube. Depending on the weather, this might be wet lube or dry chain lube. The clue with chain lube is in the name – wet, grimy winter weather = wet lube, dry, dusty weather = dry lube.

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