How To Ride And Look Like A Belgian Professional Cyclist

How To Ride And Look Like A Belgian Professional Cyclist

There is no doubt about it, the Belgians are cycling crazy and certainly know a thing or two about how to win a bike race. Simon and Matt are here to help you with these top tips for the “Belgian Pro Look”.

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What are your tips for achieving the Belgian Pro Look?

The list is endless, but here is our list for the basic essentials to get you well on your way.

Socks – They need to be white, and long. If you are using leg warmers then your socks have to go over them. In springtime it’s essential that you also wear white oversocks over your shoes, to keep the shoes pristine.

Gloves – Forget them, Belgian’s are tough, they don’t wear gloves.

Attitude – It’s all about being driven and not giving up until you body can’t turn the cranks anymore. never give in. It’s as simple as that.

Big chainring only – It is frowned upon to use anything other than the big chainring. However, there is one exception, the Koppenberg, where it’s allowed to use the small chainring, but only in exceptional circumstances.

Toothpaste?! Yep, that’s right, Belgian toothpaste. This is the nickname for the “nature” that is sprayed up from the back wheel of the rider in front. It will fill your mouth full of “nature” that is on the road. ( I am sure farmers deliberately put it on the roads during my time in Belgium – GCN Jon)