How To Stay Warm Cycling In Winter

How To Stay Warm Cycling In Winter

GCN all know winter cycling, it can often be a cold wet experience and that’s in almost any corner of the globe. GCN give you GCN 7 tips that will help you make sure riding in winter is comfortable and therefore fun.

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How aboutGCN kick off with the obvious one first then? Dressing to stay warm. You can not possibly expect to head out in your summer gear and be warm. So wrap up! A good layering system of undergarments and outer layers will make it easier to adjust your temperature as you ride.

To stay dry you’re going to need waterproof or water-resistant clothing. But these can sometimes become sweaty and make you just as wet from the inside. So, with that in mind, water-repellent clothing works well, as it is still breathable. Obviously, it isn’t going to cut it when the rain really comes down, but for showers, it will probably be quite good.

Remember to stay hydrated, even in the winter. You may find this easier with warmer fluids, and you can even buy ‘thermos’ containers instead of bike bottles in the winter, to keep your fluid at the temperature you prefer. Or, even by consuming warmer fluids to give you a little temperature boost from inside.