How To Keep Your Hands & Feet Warm

How To Keep Your Hands & Feet Warm

Almost everyone that’s ever ridden a bike has experienced cold hands or feet at some point. Simon is here with some tips on how to keep your extremities warm.

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Cold hands or feet can ruin any ride, so here are some clothing tips on how to avoid them.

Spend some time thinking about your glove choices before you start riding. If its going to be really cold, consider layering thin glove liners underneath a thick pair of windproof winter gloves. If it’s going to be a wet ride wear either a pair of waterproof gloves, or a pair made form neoprene, but make sure your hands are warm before you put neoprene gloves on or the water will only make your hands colder.

Having great gloves won’t keep your hands warm if your core is cold though. Windproof fabrics are again your friend here for cold rides. A waterproof jacket is of course important to bring if there is a chance of rain on your ride.

Your riding style is also important to consider when the temperature plummets. It’s very difficult to stay warm on long, steady rides, where your effort level is never very high. So on really cold days, think about doing some shorter, more intense rides to keep yourself warm.

To keep your feet warm, invest in some quality overshoes. Although there are many different varieties on the market, if you can only buy one pair, get a really thick waterproof pair. Your feet being a bit too warm is far better than having your toes go numb!

Alternatively, consider investing in some proper winter cycling shoes. As they are purpose built to keep you warm through the winter, they are guaranteed to keep your toes toasty!!

Finally, if you need a bit of extra warmth on those coldest winter days, why not try Matt’s old school tin foil hack. Simply wrap some aluminium foil around your toes before putting your shoes on. This might sound like a joke, but it really does work!