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Miraculous rescue after cyclist dragged under truck survives

Miraculous rescue after cyclist dragged under truck survives

This cyclist was hit by a pick-up truck and jammed under its wheels before Good Samaritans came to her rescue.
The woman was making a right turn into a street in Bozhou, a city in eastern China, when the vehicle struck her.

She got stuck beneath the chassis of the silver pick-up and was dragged under for several seconds before the vehicle came to a halt against a wall.
The driver immediately jumped out and looked under to see the cyclist wedged against the tyres. Her trousers were shredded and stained with blood.
More than ten people ran to help, and together they lifted one side of the truck and pulled the woman to safety.
She escaped with injuries to her face and leg, which were not life-threatening.
Her bicycle, which was red with a basket at the front, was left mangled on the paving stones.
The woman’s mother, Liu Ping, thanked rescuers for saving her daughter, saying she could have ‘suffocated’ if it was not for their quick thinking.