How To Replace A Broken Spoke

How To Replace A Broken Spoke

Given the nature of mountain biking, broken spokes can happen from time to time. With a few tips from Doddy, you’ll be able to replace a broken spoke and re-true your wheel in no time.

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Although it might seem daunting at first, replacing a spoke doesn’t have to be a very difficult job.

Doddy talks you through the process of replacing a spoke on your mountain bike wheel here:

First remove the tyre and rim tape, particularly if you are running a tubeless set up, and the cassette or disc rotor if it is a rear wheel.

Work out the length and type of spoke you need for your wheel.

Next remove the broken, or damaged, spoke.

Thread the new spoke nipple onto the replacement spoke, and then tighten to finger tightness.

Now using a spoke key, only tighten by a quarter turn on each spoke. Also don’t put too many turns on one spoke, you may need to slightly loosen the spokes on either side of the broken spoke to true the wheel properly.

Once you have got the wheel as true as possible, relieve the tension on the spokes by placing the wheel on a hard surface and leaning on the rim.