S-Works by Rust Venge

S-Works by Rust Venge

Specialized S-Works by Rust Venge

So, how exactly do you turn a carbon bike into a rust bike? Carbon isn’t exactly known for rusting in the wet, or succumbing to the vagaries of time.

“The thought of rusting a carbon frame was kind of exciting to me, so I did a little bit of research and found a company that makes a real rust paint. Once I saw that video, I was totally sold, so I ordered it. It came from the UK with some sort of absurd shipping cost because it was a hazardous material.”

The paint comes in a dry, powdered form. Mixed with a binder, it can then be applied to whatever you’re trying to rust. Once dry, you spray it with a light muriatic acid mixture which activates the iron suspended in the paint. And then you wait.

+inf: http://veryspecialthings.specialized.com/rust-venge/