The Shark any Ass, Saddle Essax Shark

The Shark any Ass, Saddle Essax Shark

A year and a half ago Essax broke all the rules in the industry, changing the way of conceiving the bicycle saddle, which was without evolving for decades. It launched a completely new product which created (and still does) a great expectation worldwide. Never before had a saddle like this been made, which made everybody talk about it.

Many thousands of units sold later, and as many cyclists satisfied, they have proved us right and proved it was no mere extravagance for attention.
The shark works

What is the fin for?
It is provided with a central fin, which is the key to this whole biomechanical outlook. Its position indicates to the cyclist how to place its sitting bones to be well supported on the saddle. Meaning; it interacts with the user giving information on how to be seated.

In the hundreds of real biomechanical studies for the development of this product, the evidence told us that the vast majority of cyclists had the sensory perception of being well placed on the saddle, when reality showed that they were drawn or only one of the two Ischia as supported. Because if we have some sort of limb loss in normal life, this is multiplied on the bike, as the pedalling position is not natural to the human body.
And if that were not enough, The Shark was initially meant to be a therapeutic solution to the hassles of thousands of cyclists it has become asaddle that can allow greater physical performance, and not because there is a new foothold on the bike, there is not, but because more stability is given to the hip, the transmission of force to the pedals is much more efficient therefore achieving higher performance.

Is it certified?
The Essax Shark is patented, and is now in the hands of the technical commission of the UCI (International Cycling Union) which will soon give its verdict on its use in competition.

How to place?
Before purchasing please consult a professional first for a pre biomechanical study. Therefore, it is a seat that it is not sold; it is prescribed.