The Best Bicycle SafetyLighting System for Your Bike | Video

The Best Bicycle SafetyLighting System for Your Bike | Video

Revolights. Join the Revolution. The best bicycle safety lighting system for your bike.

At Revolights we’re on a mission to make bicycling safer. Revolights provides a functional headlight, brake light and true 360 visibility in one fully-integrated, revolutionary design.

With 8×35-lumen LEDs for each wheel, water resistance, a fully functional brake light, a battery life of four hours and the ability to recharge via a micro USB, Revolights rings are the perfect addition to the modern biker’s repertoire of bike accessories.

Safety is a priority for those who ride bikes, and with the addition of a truly exceptional bike lighting system visibility at night to potential dangers is no longer an issue. These smart rings synchronize with your speed to create legal headlights that traditionally are only present on actual cars.

Revolights can also be implemented and installed on your own existing bike by yourself. Our ‘Fit My Bike” section on our webpage which includes both videos and in-depth diagrams which may be of use to you:

Revolights, described by Men’s Journal as “the best bike lighting system in the world” has won a numerous amount of awards ranging from INTEL EYE 50 for Design: Form & Function to Core 77 Design Award’s Best Transportation Design. You may have also seen us on the popular ABC TV show “Shark Tank”.

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