Top 5 Long Distance Travel Tips

Top 5 Long Distance Travel Tips

Riding in foreign countries can be an incredible experience, but long distance travel is not without its issues. Matt has some top tips on how make your trip the best it can be.

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1. When on the plane, make sure you wear compression socks. These will ensure good circulation around your legs while sitting still for long periods of time. Also, regularly stand up and do exercises like lunges or stretches.

2. When planning rides in an area you don’t know, use GPX Hyperlapse to make sure you’ll not accidentally ride down any really bad roads. This program uses Google Streetview to play a short video of all the roads your route will take you down

3. Jet Lag affects everyone differently, but one way to help combat it is to do a good gym session once you arrive at your destination. This is especially good if you’re struggling to get to sleep, nothing tires you out like a solid workout!

4. It’s unfortunately pretty common for bikes to be delayed when flying long distance. So if you arrive in a city without your bike, make sure you rent one of the multitude of hire bikes that litter most big cities.

5. Finally, definitely the most important one of the lot 😂 When on holiday, you can never be sure where your next good cup of coffee will come from. If, like many cyclists, you’ve got a full blown coffee addiction, make sure you bring a portable coffee maker as well as your favourite beans with you. That way you’ll never miss out on a great cup ☕️