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Top 5 Sexiest Female Cyclists #February07

Top 5 Sexiest Female Cyclists #February07

1º Andrea Poteete – Mrs. Arkansas America 2016

Andrea Poteete 2016/03/17 is a graduate of the University of Central Arkansas (UCA), where she obtained a Bachelors Degree in Management Information Systems-Programmer Analyst. While attending UCA she was a member of the Alpha Sigma Tau sorority-Upsilon Chapter. As a UCA student Andrea also made two appearances on the trivia game show “The Weakest Link” in Hollywood CA, representing UCA in the college sorority/fraternity edition.
Andrea is involved with many organizations for animal fostering and rescue in her community. She also serves as a member of the Board of Directors for the local Humane Society.

"To share your weakness is to make yourself vulnerable; to make yourself vulnerable shows your strength." -Criss Jami #absandcellulite 💪🏼💋 Society grooms us to think that the idea of fit/in shape/strong by industry standard means having a lean body, low bf%, abs, and to be cellulite free. Often preaching that those things are mutually exclusive. NOT TRUE! A person CAN be healthy and fit and not have a defined six pack. A person CAN also have a six pack and have cellulite, yet still be healthy and fit. A person CAN be healthy,fit and strong without having definition in their abs and may also have cellulite. There are several factors that can play into all of these that I'm not going to get in to. My clients ask me about these things daily. The point of this post is to say screw what society has defined as 'FIT', quit beating yourself up for the things that make you 'human' and normal even if they are different from magazines, tv, photoshopped IG, or FB. Be proud of 'all' of yourself for everything your body is capable of doing and stop dwelling on the things society tells you are wrong with it. You know how hard you work and the love you have for your health and fitness. Wear your tank top, shorts, etc. Don't let someone take that away bc you don't fit into their warped mold of perfection. Don't take harmful drugs to 'fix' these things quick or temporarily that will lead to damage or big problems in the future. Be proud of you! Every bit of it, and celebrate daily your health, mobility, and the ton of other blessings God gifts you with each day!! #fitness #workout #personaltraining #npc #nanbf #fitspo #motivation #abs #inspire #summer #girlswithmuscle #instagood #fitness #f4f #l4l #squat #instafit #weightlifting #fitchick #wellness #mrsarkansas2016 #duathlete #instafitness #instamoment #cycling #photooftheday

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