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Video | Like a Boss, Lamborghini stunt gets BMX rider

Video | Like a Boss, Lamborghini stunt gets BMX rider

A BMX rider from Portland, Oregon has attracted police attention after damaging a $350,000 Lamborghini sports car when he used it as a stunt prop and then posted video and photos of the act to Instagram.
On the evening of April 18, Josh Navarro performed the stunt outside Jake’s Famous Crawfish, a popular restaurant in the city. Bystanders witnessed Navarro jump over the luxury car and sped away, escaping any confrontation.

Shortly afterward, video of the event appeared on his Instagram, alongside evidence of similar stunts.

The owner of the shiny Lamborghini, Kelly Howard, is a regular customer at Jake’s Famous Crawfish. Kelly stated that his car is needed repairs, which will cost thousands of dollars.
The video received more than 2,000 comments on Instagram alone, a mixture of praise and condemnation.

It is still unclear whether Navarro will face jail time or not.