What’s the Fastest Tyre Size for Mountain Biking?

What’s the Fastest Tyre Size for Mountain Biking?

This video contains paid product placement on behalf of Hunt Bike Wheels.

Plus-size tyres (2.8-3.0” wide) were hailed by many as the future of mountain biking. They were claimed to have more grip, a smoother ride, and faster rolling-speeds on bumpy terrain (because less energy was lost to vibration).

These days, many in the industry are claiming 2.6” tyres are the new hot thing. They say they’re the best of both worlds: offering many of the benefits of plus, without as much sidewall-squirm and weight.

But is this in-between tyre size the goldilocks solution, or is fatter still faster?

To find out, our very own Seb Stott has extensively tested similar tyres in the three most relevant sizes: 2.3”, 2.6” and 2.8”. This involved over 100 timed runs over technical descents, as well as rolling-speed and climbing tests.