Which Pro Has The Fastest Aero Bike?

Which Pro Has The Fastest Aero Bike?

Who has the fastest bike: Cavendish, Kittel, Degenkolb, Sagan, Kristoff or Dumoulin? Read on to find out…

It is normal practice for a bike manufacturer to claim its aero bike is the fastest out there.

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Clearly they can’t all be the fastest, so we decided to try and find out which one actually is. To do this, we teamed up with aerodynamic testing specialists WattShop and headed to Derby Velodrome to perform some testing in a controlled environment.

All the aero bikes we have here are leading models from their respective brands and all are WorldTour framesets used by the pros.

So far we have tested what we consider to be five of the most sought after aero bikes on the market. If demand is sufficient, we will perform a second round of testing with another batch of aero bikes and update the results on this page.